After Work
Digital Render

Modelled in Blender 3D and composited in Photoshop.

Available now as a limited edition print of 20 – 40x50cm, through Glovebox.

Different segments of the image contain varying sample rates to represent texture. To achieve this effect, the source 3D model is rendered out mutiple times, each with a different sample rate. This results in each rendered image having a different level of grain. Segments from each render are extracted and then composited together into a new single image in Photoshop. Shaded areas contain more grain and the brightest area, the sky, is one flat colour.

The location is Level 5 of Trinity street Car Park, Dublin, where Glovebox art gallery was alongside Allta bar and restaurant which closed earlier this year. Although they are opening a new venue in Dublin Docklands soon.

After Work – Digital Render