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As a former graffiti artist, my early oil painting subjects were areas I painted graffiti in, especially abandoned sites and non-pedestrian environments such as the railway.

My work continues to consider the urban landscape, presenting banal and overlooked exterior spaces in subdued palettes. It describes pedestrian walks around infrastructures built to support vehicles. Imposing monolithic-like environments of asphalt and concrete, of fuel tank farms, carparks, edge lands, and motorways. Without official architectural value, these structures represent contemporary daily activities, perhaps facing future alteration or demolition.

Contact: info@johnoreillyart.com


Solo Exhibitions

2020 ‘Monolith’ – Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin.
2018 ‘Under The Sun’ – Red Stables, Dublin.
2012 ‘Transient’ – Draíocht, Dublin.
2009 ‘Pastoral City’ – Talbot Gallery & Studios, Dublin.
2007 The loft Gallery, Dublin.


2022 Arts Council Agility Award.
2021 Dublin Port & Axis Ballymun Pumphouse Bursary.
2020 Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary.
2015 Residency Fellowship, Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co. Mayo.
2014 Artist in Residence, Mabos, Dublin.
2013 Albert Cottages Artist Residency, DCC, Dublin.
2012 Artist in Residence, Draíocht, Dublin.
2010 Per Cent for Arts Scheme, Tralee, Co.Kerry.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 ‘Páipéar’ – Hang Tough Contemporary, Dublin.
2022 ‘Do You Dream?’ – The Space Between, Dublin.
2022 Glovebox, Trinity Street Car Park, Dublin.
2022 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin.
2021 ‘Outbuilding’, Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.
2020 RUA RED Winter Exhibition, Dublin.
2020 ‘Unseen’ – Artcore Gallery, Derby, U.K.
2020-2019 That Space Between – Duo show with James Kirwan, Dublin.
2019 ‘Folklore’ – Damn Fine Print, Dublin.
2019 ‘In Response’ – Two Birds Gallery, Seville, Spain.
2019/2018 Russborough House Art Fair, Co. Wicklow.
2021 – 2012 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin.
2016 – 2009 Jonathan Swift Gallery, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny.
2015 RUA Annual Exhibition, Belfast.
2016 – 2009 Jonathan Swift Gallery, Wexford Opera Festival, Wexford.

2014 ‘End of the Line’ – Mabos, Dublin.
2013 With Abigail Smith, Culture Night, The Lab, Dublin.
2013 ‘A language Manycoloured’ – Gormleys Fine Art, Dublin.
2012/11 Jonathan Swift Gallery, Belfast.
2012/11 Anewpace, Dublin.
2011 ‘Roadworks’ – Dublin Contemporary, Dublin.
2011 VUE Contemporary Art Fair, (Talbot Gallery), RHA, Dublin.
2011 ‘Gurriers’ – Block T, Smithfield, Dublin.
2011/10/09 Cherrylane Fine Arts, Wicklow.

2010 ‘Irish Wave’ – Yi Gallery, Beijing, China.
2010 – 2008 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin.
2010 ‘A World of Possibilities’ – EU house, Dublin.
2010 ‘Show Off’ – OFFSET, Dublin.
2010 Claremorris Open Exhibition, Mayo.

2009 ‘RHA After Dark’ – RHA, Dublin.
2009 EV+A, Limerick.
2009 ‘Town and Country’ – Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin.
2007 Duo Exhibition with Maser, Filmbase, Dublin.
2007 ‘Meeting of Styles’ – Wiesbaden, Germany.
2006 ‘Burquitlim’ – Vancouver, Canada.


OPW State Art Collection, Ireland.
Balinglen Arts Foundation Collection, Ireland.
Dublin Port, Ireland.
Private Collections in Ireland, UK, Germany, Canada, and USA.

Selected Projects

2019 Eleven works for private commission, Hang Tough Gallery, Dublin.
2019 Four works for private commission, Iverna, Dublin.
2017 Mural & Presentation – Vermeer, “Inspiration and Rivalry”, National Gallery of Ireland.
2018/2017/2015 Education projects, National Gallery of Ireland.
2014 Red Square Project, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny.
2014 Six works for private commission, Iverna, Dublin.
2014/2013 Artist in Residence, Mabos, Dublin.

Selected Talks

2022 ‘Do You Dream?”, panel discussion, The Space Between, Dublin.
2022 ‘The allure of Car Parks”, Glovebox, Dublin.
2021 ‘Antiquity & the Anthropocene’, UCD, Dublin.
2021 ‘Outbuilding’, overlooked architecture, Source Arts Centre, Co. Tipperary.
2017 ‘Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting’, National Gallery of Ireland, Wexford Arts Centre.

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